Sassy Day

Sounds like a new holiday. Doesn’t it, Minions? Anyhoo, I vlogged. Go watch it.


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5 Responses to "Sassy Day"

  1. lauren

    That covers beautiful!
    I only recently got back into your books and I’m so behind!

  2. christan

    Hi Auntie Heather, i Just finished the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Series today, I Absolutely loved all of the books! i couldn’t put them down! I do how one question that i really would like to know why snows eyes flash green at the end? maybe it is quite obvious or is explained in the slayer series, i don’t know, i got into this series late, but im glad i did because i enjoyed them so much!

  3. Lydia

    The cover is amazing. :)
    I’m definitively reading this summer.
    My summer is going great, I did try a lot of new things.
    I’m a freshman in college and you are absolutely right about life getting better. I’ve been following you since the beginning of Vlad books :) Basically since I was in eighth grade. I’m looking forward to the Cemetery Boys :)
    You rock, Auntie!

  4. Autumn

    wow! i really injoy your books, i just got done reading the first book and really injoyed it! now, ever sense i read the book, all i been talking about is 8th grade bites and how AWESOME it is!!! and i have 1 thing to ask u, will there be a 6th book??? >u<

  5. Omg i love you books so much i have read “The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod: Twelfth Grade kills” over 20 times, please never stop writing books D:

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