Will there be a Vladimir Tod movie?

I thought that title might grab your attention. :)=

Lately, my Minions, I’ve been bombarded by all sorts of messages, emails, and letters, asking me if and when there will be a movie. The short answer is: maybe someday. The long answer is a bit more complicated.

Money, unfortunately, is what does the talking in business. When the people in charge (henceforth referred to as TPIC) see that a book or series is selling like crazy (like enough to hit bestseller lists), then it makes them open their minds a bit more on whether or not they should purchase the rights and turn a book into a movie. Right now, my sales are fangtastic…but not quite fangtastic enough to hit a bestseller list, not quite good enough to make TPIC really pay me some serious attention.

So what do we do? What can we do?

To be blunt, I need every one of you to do one of two things. Either: A) pre-order TENTH GRADE BLEEDS right now or B) walk into a bookstore the week of July 9, 2009 and buy the book. There’s something else you can do: wrangle all of your friends, teachers, neighbors, family, and have them pre-order the book or buy the book in person that first week. If we can boost my numbers enough, we might just be able to make this happen. But if you want it, Minions, you’ve gotta work for it. And don’t worry! Auntie Heather is doing her part too. Together, we can move mountains (and yes, even attract the attention of TPIC).

So, rally together, Minion Horde! We only have four months until TENTH GRADE BLEEDS debuts!

541 Responses to “Will there be a Vladimir Tod movie?”

  1. Dark souls88 says:

    It’s 2013 when will the movie coooooookm oooouuuuuutttt:,(

  2. kayla says:

    i dont think there will be a movie because this was posted a couple years ago :sad: me and my best friend really want to see a movie about it, though

  3. Gabriel Ferreira says:

    I really REALLY hope there is a movie…it would be so so so so soso so GOOD

  4. Heather "Brooke" Mackey says:

    i really love your books the only problem is i need to finish 11th and 12th gr. and then i’ll be done. i didnt get to finish them b4 may 31st(last day of school). but i’ll finish as soon as school starts or if my mom will ever find any of those books around. i’m the kind of person who usually reads books about werewolves, vampires,demons,ect. but mostly vampires and demons. those are the two things that i really enjoy. Anyways, the first time i read 8th grade bites was when i was in 7th. but i had to stop because i wasn’t big on reading at the time. now i’m 16 and reading when i like and its most of the time.
    Thanks to you i’m interested in more than just that.
    sincerely, Heather “Brooke” mackey. :cool:

  5. Dex says:

    This was the best book series I have EVER read. Heather brewer is seriously the only author that can keep me on the edge of every page. I LOVE Vlad and wish he was a real person <3 I honestly hope there will be a Vladimir Tod movies. I would watch them as often as I re-read the series <3 :twisted:

  6. brianna says:

    Will there ever be a movie to these books because they would be amazing as movies

  7. chris says:

    are there any plans for a movie to be made? I am asking out of curiosity sense lots of great choices but I do feel that this would make an interesting movie fore sure. I just finished the series a few weeks ago and am hoping to know if I have more too look forward to coming from our blood sucking freinds ;-)

  8. Scissorhands Hurt says:

    Imma just go cry about how much I want to see Vlad as a real person.

  9. Jacob weeks says:

    if there is no movie will there be a 6th book ? im dying to know it helps too know ;-)

  10. eve says:

    your books are by far my favorite book/serious I have ever read!! If people just picked it up they would fall in love with it as much as the rest of us fans. Seeing your books become a movie would be amazing :)I hope that day will come!!!!!

  11. FateOfChaos says:

    Vlad Tod needs to be made into in movie!! It makes me mad that Twilight gets a movie, but Vlad doesn’t. WHY?!! Vlad deserves the big screen! And should they make it into a movie and screw it up, I shall personally kick their podex! :smile:

  12. alonzo hernandez says:

    hey heather i just got done reading 12th grade kills and kinda left with a cliff hanger i would really like to know if there will be a 6th book like create a new foe for collage that vlad has to face along with snow i really want to know why snows eyes turned green like i know that she drank vlads blood and everything but is she like a pravus too or something i have a lot of questions and i loved every single one of the book in this series but its like i need to read another like this series book i feel like u can do so much to make another book so please i would really apreciate it. :mrgreen:

  13. Kris Keck says:

    While a movie would be cool to see, I don’t think it’s the best idea for Vlad, sure we’d all love to see it but would we all love it? I mean, Hollywood does appreciate putting its own twist on things and who knows if they get thier corporate hands on it they make him all sparkly‚Ķ

  14. vampster101 says:

    awww this sucks :sad: two of my other vampire book are coming out with movies next year i wish theyd make one for auntie :cry:

  15. vgirl says:

    PLEASE LET THERE BE A MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:

  16. Victor Aguilar says:

    I love all of the vlad books. they are amazing. when i saw it, i thought it was going to be terrible. i read and im in love with it. starting the ELEVENTH GRADE BURNS today. thank you so much. and a movie will be pretty cool. i think it will come out awsome :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:

  17. 13 says:

    y not make a fan made movie?

  18. Gabe white says:

    I wonder if you will make a college sequel or something that would give me something to read because I need to know why happened after graduation

  19. waddles says:

    omg i want the movie to come out the books are so good! :)

  20. Megan Klat says:

    I enjoyed the book, but the ending left a giant cliffhanger. Why did Snow’s eyes turn green? WTH did Tomas turn evil, and Vikas too?! I know you’re busy, I mean, you’re an AUTHOR :mrgreen: But could you answer these major questions??!?

  21. Anonymous says:

    I recently read 12th grade kills and still reading slayer chronicles, and it is awesome. I just wish so much that maybe you could please get this first book in the theaters. :grin: I would be sooooo happy and so would any other Minion. Also, if you read this, thank you for your time, Heather :!:

  22. Christian says:

    I absolutly love this book series and is no doubt the best one ive read to dade and ive even reread it which ive never thought of doing with a book i know if this turned in to a movie id be at the midnight showing. Im also really enjoying The Slayer Chronicles as i expected your books never disapoint me Heather Brewer. Really hope you could get the attention and money for this to be either a movie or even a show an a good network.

  23. Snow says:

    Hi im Snow and thats i look just like Snow from the story and that is a bit scary but…email me some time heather ok? O and any other good books u have wrote that i can read :oops: :oops:

  24. Eris Morella says:

    I am an up and coming screenwriter and in the future I want to make a movie out of the books…but only if Auntie Heather is okay with it

  25. cienna says:

    I love the books. All of them. I really wish a movie would happen cause this is one of the only series that you can keep going. Ik its a long shot but it would be something im sure many would look forward to.

  26. FallenAngelOutcast says:

    Favorite series u would love to have a movie

  27. tanner says:

    i wonder about a sixth book, because the fifth one kinda left you wondering like what happens to vlad, what powers or traits does snow receive, the questions go on and on :?:

  28. Art freak says:

    I’m in 6th grade and addicted :smile: :smile:

  29. jessie says:

    i beg you to plz make a movie im like soooo praying that you will so yeah :| :roll: i kinda fell in love with vlad and joss they sound amazing :cool:

  30. Kaytawa says:

    I hope soon there will be a movie. i love vladimir tod! the books are addicting. and vlad is just adorable. hopefully the movie can be made soon i bet many of your minions would enjot it. thank you Ms/mrs. Brewer for sharing ur creativity with ur minions ;-) :razz: :lol:

  31. Zoe Caldwell says:

    YES, this would be a very good movie. The books are just amazing! I am 15 and I have read them all about one hundred times by now! Just cant get enough of these books. Im praying that there will be movies soon! Thank you soooo much for making these books, like I said they were amazing. I was hoping you were going to make another one after 12grade slays. Because I want to know what he does after all of this happens, how his life ends up with snow! It would be quite entertaining. But I have wrote some books in my spare time, and I want to be like you and see if they can be published. So If you could email me please? :?: :oops:

  32. Darrius Gordon says:

    There should be a “Chronicles of Vladimir Tod (Second series): College”

  33. Angel DeRaci says:

    I really like the Vladimir Tod series. The TPIC should read this. I hope to see the five books made into a movie. I hear, unfortunately, that the answer by Heather Brewer herself was posted some years before now. If the series gives itself a re-sale,then maybe people will buy it. But, the series had its debut a while ago. I just hope to see Vladimir on the big screen. :twisted:

  34. Aaron Jaska says:

    You should really keep the vladmire told series going cause I can honestly relate to the book and I’m not really a book guy but this series has sucked me in and if you mange to get a movie series going that would rock but yea please keep the series goin I first related to the book by the cover cause I myself have long black straight hair but yea I get called emo and stuff cause I wear skinny jeans Have black hair and my ears peirced but most of the time there messing around but your a fantastic writer please keep the series going that would rock so yea I’m a big fan :twisted:

  35. Tre says:

    Plz plz plz place a college series of from vlad perspective

  36. Eli Melhem says:

    Listen, I’ve read each book 5 times, and I’m going insane.
    I want to know what happened with Snow, I want an aftermath book and a Movie.
    Heather Please!

  37. Stephanie Corona says:

    plz let there be a movie im dying to see it or to here about it :) im actually trying to find the last book ive been trying to look for it for more then a year :!: :shock:

  38. Katie says:

    I love your books, there’re so good! I wish a movie would come out! The little face at the bottom is to the people who won’t let there be a movie:(

  39. Shade says:

    Guys, if we want the movie there needs to be more revue from the books, that is all there is too it. Complaining won’t do anything sadly if we want the movie we need more people to buy the books. OK guys? Come on, every get all 5 books maybe then we can get the attention of movie company’s and get them to make the movie. OK?

  40. Bre says:

    I hope there will be a book Heather! The series is thrilling, daring, and awe inspiring to say the least! I enjoyed it being a high schooler myself!!! Defiantly get yourself a crew and get a movie going!! :!: :mrgreen:

  41. alex says:

    Best series ever they need to make a movie series if they thought harry potter was good imagine what people would think to this

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