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It’s Time For a Round of “Good News/Bad News”, Minions…

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

Greetings, Minion Horde! Now, gather ’round. Because Auntie Heather has some news for you all. Do you all have your lil skull blankies? Everybody have a coffin-shaped cookie and a mug of steaming AB Negative? Good. To begin with…there’s the BAD news.

You all have heard that I have a new series (THE LEGACY OF TRIL) beginning next summer, with the first book, BLOODBOUND. BLOODBOUND will feature katanas and monsters and epic, thrilling fantasy! BUT…the bad news is that BLOODBOUND will no longer come out next summer. Or ever.

Yeah. There is no BLOODBOUND. Not anymore. It’s been erased from existence. Why? Well, because of the GOOD news.

The GOOD news is that BLOODBOUND has a new title!! It will now (more appropriately) be called SOULBOUND! And you can pre-order it on Amazon now! So…Auntie was a bit sneaky there. But yes, the same story is coming out next July, but now with a much more fitting title. YAY!

What do you all think? (I’m aware my comments are still broken – I promise to fix them soon! But feel free to share your opinion with me on Twitter/Facebook – links on the right!).

Minions! ASSEMBLE!!!

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

It’s funny, the things that people never really tell you about being an author, and the things you hear, but don’t really think about. Like how travel and deadlines and day to day stuff will take up all of your blogging time. You think “I’ll blog tomorrow!”, only tomorrow takes a month to come. And before you know it, your Minions are wondering if they should form a search party. But no worries, my Minions! Your Auntie Heather is alive and well. Alive and…well…

I’ve been busy! Not only did I turn in two books (the first draft of THE SLAYER CHRONICLES #2 (title to be announced later) & the second draft of BLOODBOUND), but I was also traveling. I went on an amazing Disney Cruise to the Bahamas with my family, I was in Omaha, Nebraska, spreading the word about why bullying sucks, and then I was at San Diego Comic Con, handing out advanced copies of FIRST KILL.

A brief detour so I can SQUEE about SDCC. In short, I met tons of awesome Minions (which was the absolute best part of SDCC), spoke with Jhonen Vasquez (of JTHM fame) again, met Nick, Zak & Aaron of Ghost Adventures fame, and nearly ran into Gerard Way…AGAIN. Plus, I went to the Lucasfilms party and Stan Lee himself brushed right by me…and Christopher Moore stopped by to say hi to me at the Mysterious Galaxy booth! My geeky little heart was very pleased. I can’t wait to go back! Neither can Gargy. He dressed up like a Jedi the whole time….which made him very popular at the Lucasfilms party.

So I’ve been busy. With books. With travel. With life. Oooooh, and I should know where I’ll be touring this fall very soon! Actually, I kinda already know. I just can’t tell you yet. The moment I can, I’ll post it on my Appearances page. And we can be busy together!

You know I’m never too busy to think about my Minions. And I have something FANGtastic for you all!

How would you like to be one of my Master Minions???

That’s right! So many of you have mentioned rank in the Minion Horde. Well, here’s your chance.

On August 2nd (running through August 9th), which is TODAY, I’m launching Heather Brewer’s Master Minion campaign!!!

As it says on
Sign up to be one of Heather Brewer’s Master Minions!
Get exclusive access and early sneak peaks plus a Minion Kit to help you talk up
The Slayer Chronicles to your friends!
Visit for official rules and how to join.

Spread the word and sign up FAST, because this isn’t going to last and the free stuff you’ll get is AMAZING! I’m so geeked. What do you guys think??

Auntie Heather’s Writing Lair

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Most authors have a special place that they go, Minions, when they are in writing mode, when they are driven to create. Many writers refer to this place as their “writer’s cave”. My special place, my office, my sanctuary, is affectionately referred to as my “writer’s lair”, thanks to the fangtastic Melissa DeLaCruz, of Blue Bloods fame. And today I’m going to give you a little glimpse of it, just so you’ll know the kinds of things that surround me as I pound out manuscripts or blog or tweet (oh man, do I tweet…). Please forgive the relatively crappy images, as I took them with my iPhone, and the iPhone hates pretty, clear pictures.

We will start with the door to my lair.

Not bad, eh? looks normal enough. Just double doors. Plain. Boring. So…normal, right? But when we open them…

PA-CHOW!!! The spookiness begins! This is the view from my open doors, followed by a closer view.

Yeah. I have some skeery stuff in my office. Creepy bodiless hands coming out of the wall, a human skull, a monkey like the one from Monkey Shines. It’s cozy, right? And if we begin to turn to the right, we see this:

That’s the corner of my coffin couch (which is glorious, and yes, made from an actual coffin). My husband often teases that he plans to bring along a mirror just to check on me during nap time. Turning again to the right (we’re spinning – are you dizzy??)…

…we see my favorite corner, where I’ve placed my asylum window, my baby doll (I cannot tell you her name – it may disturb some of you), and antique baby shoes. And right again to the door from the inside.

The dolls on the bottom right, I refer to as my “Creepy Children”, because when I open the office door, they stare at me through the glass with their haunting button eyes. *sigh* I love them so… If you keep turning right, you’ll see a second set of doors that lead to my dining room.

And right from there brings you back to my bookcase, which has a distinct lack of books. (The books are all in the reading room in the upstairs loft) But it does contain some of my most precious belongings. I’ll give you a top to bottom shelf by shelf view.

Not too shabby, right? It’s nice here. I like it. Whenever I enter my lair, I feel at home. To some, it’s creepy. To me, it’s beautiful. And you should be your own kind of beautiful, Minions, no matter what people say.

So…the only thing I haven’t done is hang up curtains. Mostly because I’m torn between curtains and black wooden blinds. Once I make up my mind, my lair will be complete. Yay lair!

As far as “what’s new in the world of Auntie Heather”, I’m currently wrapping up writing the second book in The Slayer Chronicles. I know the title, but you don’t. (neener neener neener) No worries! I’ll tell you soon…ish. Also, I’m finishing up the last few edits for Bloodbound, which is so good it makes my brain all explodey. I can’t really describe it…mostly because I have no idea how. Seriously! The description on my website doesn’t even do it justice. I just want to live in that world forever. And I hope you’ll join me for at least a few hours. I promise it’ll be worth the ride. (Or it won’t, and you’ll hate me forever…but I’m betting on that first one)

On Monday, I head out on a Disney cruise (woooooo, Mickey!!!), so I’ll be offline from July 4th til the 11th, but I’m thinking that I should arrange an Ask Auntie Heather chat on the forum soon. What do you guys think? I can set aside an hour or two and we can just talk…y’know? It sounds like fun to me, and I think it’ll breathe new life into the forum. If you don’t hang out on the forum, please do! It’s a fangtastic Minion hangout and I want you guys to treat it as your own.

One last thing before I go. How many of you have or have access to an iPod, iPod Touch, or iPad? Go grab it. Right now. It’s okay…I can wait.

*hold music plays while you grab your technology*

Got it? Sweet. I’ve got the fire extinguisher ready, because I know how you Minions burst into flames when you get excited. Ready?

Go download this right now, because Minions – WE HAVE AN APP!!!

It’s only 99 cents, and it’s a FANGtastic game that’s kinda like PacMan, but with Fang! You can eat bloodbags for invincibility and killing slayers gifts you with their tiny lil screams. (Mwahahahahaha!!!) It’s sooooo much fun. I am seriously, totally addicted. So go. Now. Grab that app and tell the rest of the Horde (and non-Minions! Or should I say “soon-to-be-Minions”?). Because this thing is too fun!

Can you tell I like it?

Okay, so in my brief absence, I’m leaving you all in charge. I DO NOT want to come back to the world in ruins and zombies on the rampage AGAIN, Minions! *gives you all the Mom look* So behave. Be nice. And SOMEBODY feed the thing under my bed.

A Month Since I Blogged – or – I am SO Sorry, Minions!

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Seriously? *raises eyebrow at self* THIS is what you call staying in touch with your Minions? You haven’t blogged in a friggin’ MONTH??? That’s crazy talk! Unforgivable! You’ll be lucky if the Minions haven’t crawled away into tiny dark holes to ignore you forever. Not that you haven’t been busy, but still. A month. Psshaw, Auntie Heather! Psshaw!

Minions, I know I’ve said it before, but your dear Auntie is absolutely sorry for the looooooooooooong silence on her blog. Time sometimes gets away with me – especially when I live half of my life inside my head, and inside other worlds. Worlds full of vampires and blood and monsters and teeth. Worlds with katanas and darkness and the hope that our hero will somehow survive the impossible. It’s distracting – very distracting – from the real world, but I’ve been there plenty too. And so I’ve been pretty distracted from blogging lately, but never (never ever ever, my Minions) am I distracted from you. You are always in my thoughts, always at the center of my shriveled up, black little heart, and I love you all more than I can say. So, with that, I give you…the past month of my life.

After accepting the Truman Readers Award, I had a few adventures with some of my favorite authors. First off, in early April, I attended (for the third year in a row – wooooooo, threepeat!) Book Battle at Pattonville Heights Middle School in Maryland Heights, MO. As always, it was EPIC! I got to hang with Minions, and even got to meet and hang out with the great and powerful James Dashner – author of THE MAZE RUNNER series and five-star general of the Dashner Army. After Book Battle we had a nice lunch, wherein James and I contemplated our eventual world domination. (It’s what writers do – we also forget to take pics of us together…as in this case.) And so a good day was had by all!

These Minions designed their team t-shirts with me in mind (no, really)!

Shortly after Book Battle, I took a little trip to a place called Rochester, NY, where I took part in something so incredible that words cannot possibly convey how cool it was (is!). I took part in TBF (otherwise known as Rochester Teen Book Festival). First off, let me say that the good folks at TBF know how to spoil authors rotten. Dinner, presents, accolades, and great company, followed by getting driven to the event in classic cars, partaking in a parade, walking up the red carpet to screaming fans, and that’s all just before the festival! Seriously, Rochester – how am I supposed to enjoy other festivals now?? It was amazing. And even more amazing was the fabulous Punching Bag panel I was on with A.S. King and Jackie Morse Kessler. We discussed bullying in every form – external/physical bullying, self-bullying (emotional), relationship bullying (by friends and boy/girlfriends).

Yep. That's us!

We had three panels and I’m not sure we got through any of them without at least one person tearing up. But it felt so good to share our experiences, and it was so amazing to connect with so many of you on that level. I positively adore A.S. and Jackie, and love their books, so you should totally give their stuff a try – if you like books that make you feel like someone understands how you feel, theirs totally do. AND! I have pics!

Our Fabulous Ride to the Festivities

The Fabulous Eric Luper Takes the Passenger Seat

A.S. King, Yours Truly, and Jackie Morse Kessler Riding in Style

The floor was lined with gold stars with our names on them!

Our Keepers: without them, A.S., Jackie, and I would have likely wandered off into parts unknown! (which is something else that authors often do...)

Since TBF, I’ve been dealing with some weird jaw issues. Apparently, I clench my jaw when I sleep, due to stress. So I kinda injured a joint and muscle in my jaw, and had to get on all this weird medication just to fix it. It’s almost all better now, but it was incredibly difficult to sleep there for a while. And that really messed with my ability to write, so I’m a bit behind on BLOODBOUND (which my incredibly patient editor has been amazing about). But I’m working hard on it now, so the second draft of that book should be done very soon (WOOT!).

In how-FANGtastic-is-this? news: My Italian publisher, Nord, just created this trailer for CoVT! Check it out: (Sorry – tried to embed it, but the video refused to bend to my omnipotent will…er sumfin’.)

And DUDE. When’s the last time you stopped by or We now have Minion Horde membership cards, and a couple new Fang lines of awesomeness (including the adorable Fangette). It’s crazy how big you’ve grown, Minion Horde. You do your Auntie Heather very, very proud. :)

And…she promises not to leave you all alone for another month.

Hey…who painted all the coffins purple??? And what happened to our spiderweb curtains??

Vlad-y Goodness!

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Minions, we have cool stuff. Have you noticed? I mean, we have a special place to hang out and get Vladtastic Minion-oriented things (; we have our own radio station (Crypt Radio – also found on; we have our own store (

And now we have even more cool stuff!

I wanted to bring these to your attention, just in case you haven’t noticed yet. You can now download the Crypt Radio app on iTunes! So grab your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or what-have-you and download it, because the music is so Miniontastic that it will MAKE YOUR HEAD EXPLODE.

Er. In a good way. (but just in case, bring a mop)

ALSO. There’s new stuff on! Stuff like this:VladCard

Not to mention this shirt that I MUST OWN NOW:VladShirt

There are a bunch more things on there, so go check them out.

I’m still holding out for a pillow that looks like FANG (which, if you didn’t know, is our mascot vampire smiley’s name – awwwww! Isn’t he adorable? Who’s a cute widdow bloodsucker? You are! Yes, you are!).

In book stuff news: I just turned in the first book of THE SLAYER CHRONICLES, and my editor loves it. Just a few more tweaks and it’ll be ready for copy edits. (And the Minions rejoiced…) Plus, some day soon, I will have an amazing cover and new title to share with you! BUT…not today. :)

BLOODBOUND is finished (well, first-draft finished, anyway, which means it needs a lot of work before it’s ready for your wondering eyes, Minions) and my agent and editor are all kinds of happy about it. So we are THRILLED, Minions. Book stuffs is a-okay for the moment.

ALSO, I’m working on a blog post to update you all on our world domination progress. Prepare to be STUNNED.

But for now, I’m drinking a blood bag and celebrating the moment. Join me?

Guess where I’m blogging from, Minions??

Monday, January 17th, 2011

After about five months of waiting on contractors, waiting on a painter guy, waiting on a wallpaper dude, waiting on furniture deliverers, I am proud to announce that I am FINALLY blogging from my new office in completion! It is so gothtastic! I’m planning to snap some pics this week and do a big blog on how cool it looks, but for now, just know that I am surrounded by lovely, lovely black, and happy as can be. I got a new desk – and I like it – it’s just not my old desk. My old desk felt a certain way, and everything had its place. The new desk…well…we’re still getting to know one another. :)

As for what I’m accomplishing with this new desk, I’m well into the second round of revisions for the first book in THE SLAYER CHRONICLES. I say “first book” because I’m not loving the title BEGINNING. (What am I gonna call the third book in the series? MIDDLE? Ugh…) But I haven’t come up with anything new yet that reflects what this book is all about. I have had peeks at what the cover will be though, and it looks awesome! I can hardly wait to see the final cover (and share it with you, my faithful Minion Horde, of course).

My editor is reading BLOODBOUND (or will be soon), so those edits will likely come fast on the heals of TSC1 (THE SLAYER CHRONICLES #1). So the desk will definitely be seeing a lot of work. But that’s okay, because I have discovered something about myself, Minions. Something I never realized.

I like work. I like being busy. As long as I’m busy with the stuff I want to be busy with. I love writing, even like editing, so that stuff I can do a million times over. But man, do I need my no-people-around-me downtime. I like to refer to myself as an extroverted introvert: I can be outgoing and social when life calls for it, but unless it does…STICK ME BACK IN MY CAVE!

My wallpapered, lovely black cave. :)

Anyhoo, I was thinking about a few hints I could give you all about what to expect on September 20, 2011 (!!!) when TSC1 debuts, and here’s what I’ve come up with:

1. You will see two characters from CoVT beyond Joss and his family in this first book.
2. TSC is much darker than CoVT.
3. In this book, you will learn more about bugs than you ever really wanted to know.
4. TSC1 has a higher deathcount than the first four CoVT books combined.
5. You will meet Cecile.

Any questions?

Happy New Year, Minion Horde!

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Okay, so Auntie is a few days late on this one, but I have what I like to call a Suitable Excuse. See, I was finishing up a little project I like to call BLOODBOUND, and I just turned it in to my editor. Go ahead, applaud. I’ll wait. :)

I’m totally geeked out about this book, and the fact that I finished and turned in two books within the same two weeks blows my mind (the other book is BEGINNING, the first of THE SLAYER CHRONICLES). It turns out, in 2010, I wrote THREE books (BLOODBOUND, BEGINNING, and TWELFTH GRADE KILLS)! That’s insane! But in a happy, trapped in my black straight jacket, being spoonfed AB Negative kinda way.

And now, I’m trying to get organized for all of the projects I have lined up for 2011. One way I’m doing this is outsourcing. And the coolest thing I’ve done recently is to hire a personal assistant! Her name is Kate Tilton and you can totally stalk her on Twitter by following @Froze8. Kate will be handling my email (though I’ll still see all the fangtastic fan mail you guys send in – Kate will be making certain that those that warrant replies get them in a timely manner) and stepping in to help out on the forums. Kate is AMAZING and I ADORE her. Plus, it’s unbelievably cool to have hired a Minion. I know she’ll do a great job!

Speaking of 2011…many people have asked me what my new years resolutions are. But the thing is…I never make resolutions. I get so tired of watching people create goals and then give up on them before the ball has even dropped that I just don’t participate. True change doesn’t require January 1st as a jump-off date. That being said, I have been doing what I can to bring about positive change in my life lately. Doing a lot of charitable donations, removing negative people from my life, spending more quality time with family…y’know, the good stuff. Oh! And world domination with my Minions. Can’t forget that. :D

Anyway, I hope that this will be our best year yet, Minion Horde! May your blood bags always be full. Maybe your life be free of Eddie Poe encounters. And may all your spooky, sharp teeth fluffy bunnies of doom nightmares come true!

Okay…maybe not that last one.

In Answer To Your Question…

Thursday, December 16th, 2010


Well, not yet, but it’s so close I can almost taste it. (Incidentally, it tastes a bit like Cheetos.)

I’ve been getting a ton of emails, comments and messages lately that all seem to be asking the same three questions, so I decided to answer those questions here on the blog (yes, I do read the comments here – even if I don’t often get a chance to respond – so please keep commenting!).

1. “Will your Vlad books be made into a movie or television series? AND CAN I BE IN IT???”

First off, the likelihood that ANY book gets made into a movie or television series is incredibly low. There is so much business and money involved that it can be quite difficult for all of the stars to align. That being said, my answer is maybe – mostly because I am the eternal optimist. There is currently nothing at all official to announce as far as film/tv stuff associated with CoVT, and though I’d love for Minions to play the roles, I doubt Auntie Heather would have any say in it at all. So…no movie, no tv…yet. Maybe if we all keep our fingers crossed, it’ll happen, but as for now, NO. Trust me – as soon as there is something interesting to announce concerning a possible movie or tv series, Auntie Heather will tell you! And if I’m told where tryouts would be held for those parts, I’ll put it on my blog. But there’s nothing to talk about YET.

2. “Will you PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASE write another book about Vlad?”

I adore you, Minions. I really, really do. And you have no idea how much your deep love of The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod means to me. Seriously – it makes me tear up just thinking about how loyal you all are to those characters. However…as I’ve stated many times, Vlad’s story was five books long, and with TWELFTH GRADE KILLS, it is complete. Finito. El-finished-o. But don’t despair! I am writing a spin-off series that I’m sure you’ll love, and hints of Vlad will be all through that series (including a few secrets that you didn’t learn in Vlad’s series). This series (a bit more on this in the next question) is called THE SLAYER CHRONICLES, and will be from Joss’s point of view.

The fact is that an author cannot continue to write about the same characters for the duration of their career – at least, I can’t. I love Vlad as much as you do, but as of right now, I can’t see myself continuing his story past his seior year. But that’s okay! Because…

3. “Are you writing any more books?”

YES! I’m actually working on two books (both the beginnings to two new series). The first book, tentatively titled BEGINNING (which may change) is the first book in my spin-off series, THE SLAYER CHRONICLES.

Y’know how the Vlad books take place during the school years? Well, THE SLAYER CHRONICLES will take place during the summers between those school years, and will be from Joss’s point of view. We’ll experience what it’s like to become a Slayer, and all of the horrible things that we didn’t realize were happening to Joss as we were following Vlad’s life. And the cool thing (for those of you who’ve asked “WHAT ABOUT SNOW’S EYES??? WHAT DID THAT MEAN???”) is that THE SLAYER CHRONICLES will end with one book beyond TWELFTH GRADE KILLS. So…you will get to see Vlad again, as that book will pick up right where TWELFTH GRADE KILLS left off. BEGINNING hits stores Fall 2011.

The other series/book I’m working on is called BLOODBOUND. Now, right away, the title screams “VAMPIRES!!!”, but it’s actually not about vampires at all. BLOODBOUND is this romantic fantasy epic about a girl named Kaya in a world called Tril. In Tril, there are three kinds of people: Barrons (a naturally-skilled warrior race), Healers (people born with the natural ability to heal), and the Unskilled (just normal folks, who are totally unaware that Barrons and Healers even exist). Now, whenever a Barron is born, at the exact same moment, their Healer is born. Together, they are Bloodbound. This basically means that the Healer can heal them from any wound (even if their head was hanging on by a thread, they could touch them and PRESTO! All better). Kaya is a Healer, but she was raised amongst the Unskilled. So imagine her surprise when she gets a letter from the headmaster of Shadow Academy (a school for the training of Barrons and Healers) that basically says that the boy that she was Bloodbound to has died, but that she can be Bound to another Barron (which isn’t as strong as being Bloodbound, but close enough). He also tells her that if she doesn’t come to the school, her parents’ lives are forfeit.

Sucks, huh? “Do our bidding or your parents get it!” Not exactly a happy situation to be in. PLUS, once at the school, Kaya is told that, as a Healer, she’s not allowed to learn how to fight or defend herself on the battlefield. She’s expected to wait for her Barron to rescue her.

“Rescue her from what?” you say…? Ahh, this is where it gets really fun. See, the Barrons and Healers are at war with King Darrek, who happens to have horrible beasts called Graplars at his command. Graplars are dog-like, but stand seven feet tall. They have blue scaly skin, and rows and rows of razor sharp teeth like sharks. Oh, and their drool is POISON! Not to mention that Graplars are hunting and killing Healers. And…what’s that? Oh yeah – Kaya is a Healer!

So basically, Kaya decides that there is NO WAY she’s going to stand around and wait to be eaten by a Graplar. So she decides to train in the art of fighting. SECRETLY. The weapon of choice in Tril is, of course, a katana. So…think of Tril like this: a fantasy world with a Japanese medieval feel…overrun by horrible monsters and people who think that just because you’re a Healer, you can’t take care of yourself.

And don’t even get me started on the cute boy/tangled hearts theme.

So there’s something for everyone – guys and girls! BLOODBOUND will begin Spring 2012.

And…that’s about it, for now. So, what do you think, Minions? Can I be trusted to write something that’s NOT about vampires, but is full of awesome?

Seriously? *raises a sharp eyebrow at self*

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

I haven’t blogged in WEEKS?? As Nelly would say, “OH MY GLOB!” That is inexcusable, Minions. Bad Auntie Heather. BAD!

Okay, so let’s catch you all up on my life. Touring was amazing. So many Minions! And so many more emails, requesting (and at times, demanding) that I visit your fair city. And I wish I could! But if I traveled all the time…when would I write books? So believe me, Minions, I would visit you all if I could, but for now we’ll just have to hope your hometown (or a town near it) ends up on my touring schedule.

The last few weeks have been devoured by an insane writing schedule for….(drum roll, please)…BEGINNING, the first book in The Slayer Chronicles! I finished the book and turned it in to my editor, and I’m now once again hard at work on the first BLOODBOUND book. So my days have been full of writing and traveling…and not much sleeping.

Recently, we had a tragedy in our family. One of the two kittens we adopted passed away, and I just wanted to thank you Minions who sent messages on Facebook and Twitter and such. it means a lot to me to know you care. Spike was a sweet kitty and I miss him still. I think I always will. But his brother, Fang, is doing very well. He spends his time stomping on Amenti’s tail and purring so loudly, you have to turn the volume up on the TV. He misses his brother, but at least he’s in a family that loves him very much.

I’m mulling over an idea for a contest right now. Any thoughts? The prize I have is EPIC and one of a kind. Also, I’m thinking of creating a few short stories about the Goths to share with you on my blog. We shall see.

Also, I seem to be obsessed with peanut brittle lately.

So…catch me up! What have I missed, Minions?

By the way…if you haven’t seen THIS yet, I suggest you rectify that immediately. (Yes! It’s true! We have a Vlad STORE!!!)

Behold! My Awesome Hair! (and a bit about BLOODBOUND)

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

First thing’s first: did you know you can buy the paperback of TENTH GRADE BLEEDS starting today??? GO DO IT!!! RIGHT NOW!!!

And now…my hair is awesome. I think we all know that. I mean, just look at my inbox – literally dozens of emails a day that comment on how much my hair rules. And it does. It’s totally not even egotistical to admit your hair rocks. It’s called “high self-esteem” (or maybe “hair self-esteem” – what do ya think, Minions?). But…what you’re all wondering is who does my hair/where I get my dye/how I do it. The answers to these questions are simple:

1. I do my own hair (kinda).

2. Online.

3. Carefully.

Shall I explain? I mean, for those of you who cannot resist the urge to dye your hair funky colors, you’ve gotta want answers, and Auntie Heather is not one to disappoint her Minion Horde.

1. I do my own hair (kinda).

I do. Really. I used to dye the black at home, but it’s so time consuming to touch up roots every three or four weeks, and the black dye gets EVERYWHERE, so now I go to an amazing stylist, who touches up my roots and cuts my hair and is generally all around brilliant. But the purple…that’s all me, and I’ll explain more about that in #2. Speaking of which…

2. Online.

That’s where I buy my purple dye. It’s a brand called Special Effects. While most funky color dyes (like the dreaded, pillowcase discoloring manic Panic) will fade and bleed out very quickly, Special Effects stays bright until I re-dye. Oh sure, it gradually changes from purple to fuchsia to a weird pink, but it’s the best funky dye out there. TRUST ME ON THIS. Auntie Heather has been doing this stuff for years.

I buy Special Effects Pimpin’ Purple online (usually Amazon, because it’s way cheap and sometimes I get free shipping), as well as White Out hair bleach (which I get at Hot Topic – again, the best I’ve found).

3. Carefully.

It’s not hard to get your hair to look like mine. Now, when I first dyed it, I had to bleach out my bangs (bleaching makes it so the funky dye will turn out brighter on your hair), but now I just re-bleach the roots. Once bleached (follow those instructions carefully!), I put dye in my bangs, clip them away from my face and leave it in all day. That’s right, as long as I possibly can (minimum 3.5 hours), before rinsing. The longer you leave it, the better it’ll look.

Oh, and if you’re under 18, you should probably ask your parents. But if you don’t, don’t tell them Auntie Heather told you how. :)

So…that’s how I get my hair to look the way it looks. I like it for now, but eventually, I’ll change it. I’m kinda like that.

Now, onto some BLOODBOUND bits. As you all know (or should, if you follow this blog regularly), in Fall of 2011, I have a new series starting called BLOODBOUND. There’s a brief description on this page. (if you haven’t, you should go read that now. Go on…we’ll wait…).

Back? Oh good! As I was saying, BLOODBOUND is a bit of a mystery, but as I’m just finishing up the edits for TWELFTH GRADE KILLS and I’m now writing BLOODBOUND, my head is there, so I want to talk about it some.

The main character in BLOODBOUND is a 16-year-old girl named Kaya. Now, in Kaya’s world, there are three classes of people: Barrons (a naturally-skilled warrior race), Healers (those with the ability to heal others), and the Unskilled (which are regular folks who have no special talents). Whenever a Barron is born in the world, somewhere, at the exact moment, his/her Healer is born. They are Bloodbound. When Bloodbound, a Healer can heal his/her Barron with a single touch. Cool, huh?

Kaya has been raised amongst the Unskilled, because her parents are both Barrons (that’s a big no-no–Healers and Barrons can be couples, but Healers and Healers or Barrons and Barrons cannot). So imagine her surprise when she receives a letter from the Headmaster of Shadow Academy, stating that her Barron is dead and she must report to the school immediately to be Bound to another Barron. (Being Bound isn’t as strong as being Bloodbound, but she will be able to heal her Barron–being Bloodbound is kinda like being soul mates)

Now, Kaya wants nothing to do with the Headmaster, the Barron she’s supposed to be Bound to, or any of that crap, but…she has no choice. The Headmaster insinuates that if she doesn’t come, he’ll bring the law down on her parents and have them killed.

Bummer, right?

So Kaya goes to this hidden school and learns that Healers are looked down upon, treated like pretty objects to be cherished, not people who can defend themselves. She learns that, despite the fact they are involved in a huge war, Healers are not allowed to learn how to fight or defend themselves. That’s the Barron’s job.

This doesn’t sit well with Kaya–not at all. So she trains in secrecy….which leads to all sorts of things I can’t tell you about.

But what I can tell you is that there are two boys that are hugely important to Kaya’s story. Trayton (the tall, dark, and handsome boy to whom she’ll be Bound) and Darius (the gorgeous, tan, silver-haired boy who trains her in secrecy).

So…any thoughts? Questions?

I’m all ears (and awesome hair).



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