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THIRD STRIKE Now Available for Pre-Order!

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

Greetings, Minions! I hope your summer is as dark and gloomy and spooky as it can be, what with all the sunshine happening. Here’s a little something to perk you up, in case that little black rain cloud that hovers perpetually over the Minion Horde as we cackle in delight isn’t sparking with as much lightning as it usually does. (WOW. THE SENTENCE WAS VERY LONG.)

The third and final book in The Slayer Chronicles (THIRD STRIKE) is now available for pre-order! It’s headed your way this February 20, 2014, but you can pre-order it now HERE.

The description, to whet your palette:

In the final book of THE SLAYER CHRONICLES trilogy, Slayer Joss McMillan is assigned to his hometown to track down and take out a murderous vampire. But vampires aren’t the only things Joss has to deal with this summer: his girl-crazy cousin Henry is staying with him, and hates Joss for trying to kill his best friend Vladimir Tod. Sirus, former mentor and supposedly dead vampire, is casting a shadow on Joss’s every turn. And Kat, Joss’s old friend, is in town and bent on revenge for past wrongs. Yet none of this even compares to the devastating secret Joss discovers about the murder of his sister, Cecile.

In a story full of unexpected revelations, it is up to Joss to protect the ones he loves and discover the truth about his sister’s death – even if it means paying the ultimate price.

So go forth, spread the word, and be awesome!

Cover and Title Reveal for Slayer Chronicles, Book #3!

Monday, April 29th, 2013

Minions, you’ve been so patient – far more patient, I might add, than your Auntie Heather is normally capable of. So very patient! But your patience is about to pay off. I have the cover art for the third (and final) Slayer book. And the title. And I’m going to share them with you now. And then I will implode from the awesomeness. Be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think!

The title for Slayer #3 is THIRD STRIKE! And here’s the fab cover:

But there’s more! I’m going to share a peek at the prologue with you right now! (Before you ask, I still don’t know the official release date, but should soon) For now…here’s a glimpse at what’s waiting for you (and Joss!) in THIRD STRIKE:


Em carefully lifted the teapot from its place on the doily and poured the steaming blood into two ornate china cups. The color of the burgundy blood against the white of the china was bold and interesting, Em noted. Not like the color of blood soaked into a rug or spattered against the curtains. Perhaps it was the purity of both things, blood and china, she thought, that appealed to her in such a comforting way.

One cup had been placed in front of Em, and the other in front of her guest, who sat in the shadowed quiet of Em’s parlor. Em offered her guest some sugar, but she politely declined. Em plopped three cubes into her cup, marveling at the crystallized sugar cubes as they melted away into the blood, and sat back with a sigh, content to blow the steam from her cup of AB negative—something an old friend had once described to her as the champagne of blood types.

“How exactly will you arrange for him to be alone?” The girl’s words were softly spoken, and Em couldn’t help but wonder whether or not she was up to the task. After all, it wasn’t as if this boy, this Slayer called Joss McMillan, were someone easily disregarded. He was skilled. A dangerous quality for any human with a blood thirst for vampires. He had to be dealt with, and quickly. Em just hoped that she wasn’t choosing poorly by sending this girl to do him in. Though her advantage was obvious, she was still young.

Very young, in comparison to her youthful-looking host.

Em sipped from her cup, and as she returned it to its saucer on the table, she dabbed at her lips with a napkin before placing the napkin in her lap. Not many were subjected to this old-world side of Em—the ladylike grace and appreciation of finer things. Not many often saw beyond her youthful appearance of wild colored hair and gothic-style clothing. Few had ever been invited into her parlor, but here she was, with this girl, debating whether or not the girl had what it takes to face an enemy of skill. She was very new to vampire life, as it were. Young, naive, and certainly not well trained. Em wondered if she should have just killed Joss herself, but the thought passed quickly through her mind before it disappeared once again. No. This was the right killer for Joss—the girl had a reluctant hunger inside of her to take the boy’s life. And the boy clearly had a reluctance in him to face her. Hunting him down herself was a recipe for disaster, in Em’s eyes. Em didn’t hunt down the majority of those who have wronged her. She had people for that. People like this promising new protégée. “Everything’s been arranged. Have you been in recent contact with your drudge?”

The girl picked up her cup at last and took a healthy drink, wincing as she burned her tongue. She nodded as she bit into a thin wafer cookie in an effort to soothe her mouth. Through a mouthful of cookie, she said, “I have. My drudge stands at the ready to assist me.”

Em wrinkled her nose at the girl’s lack of manners. Truth be told, she’d killed kings and queens for less. But she liked this girl, this newborn vampire, for reasons that she could not yet identify. And so she let the girl live. For now, anyway. “I trust you know what will happen to you both if you fail to take the young Slayer’s life?”

Her hands strangely steady, her voice oddly confident, the girl looked at Em and said with a tone that conveyed that she was well aware of what was at stake here, “If I don’t kill Joss, you’ll kill us both.”

“Wrong.” Em’s lips curled into a cruel, sadistic smile. “If you fail in your task, I won’t just kill you both. I’ll obliterate your remains and lick your blood from my walls.”

There was a pause—a distinct one—before the girl responded. But when she did, her voice sounded just as confident, just as driven as Em had been hoping it would. She returned her cup to its saucer and reached for another cookie. As the sweet treat reached her lips, she smiled in a way that mirrored Em. “Don’t worry. I’m looking forward to taking Joss’s life away. He deserves it for what he did to me.”

Em released a breath in a soft sigh, settling back in her chair, satisfied. Her eyes moved casually over the walls of her suite. “That’s good to hear, young one. Because I rather do like this wallpaper. It would be a shame to have to replace it.”

Trusting Vlad and Joss

Sunday, April 21st, 2013

Minions, so many of you have been writing to me lately, asking if I will write more Vlad books. I want to answer you all, to set your minds at ease, but also to share with you my thoughts as I work through the copyedits for the third and final Slayer Chronicles book. I’ll have the title and cover for you soon, I promise! But for now…there’s this.

It feels so strange to me to be putting the finishing touches on the third and final Slayer Chronicles book. [EDITED TO ADD: You may recall, Minions, that when I began writing this series, I said that there would be five books. What can I say? Things change, and now there will be only three. The third book will end just before ELEVENTH GRADE BURNS begins. It just made the most sense to end it there.] Effectively, this will end that series. Not only that, but it will sever my ties to the world of Vladimir Tod. To Elysia, to the Slayer Society, to the goths and every other character who exists there, including Bill, Tom, Principal Snelgrove, and *shudder* Eddie Poe. It’s a strange place to be. I feel as if I’m standing on the edge of a cliff with Vlad and Joss, discussing the end of things, and they’re reassuring me that it’s okay to jump off. They’re telling me I’ll be okay without them, and I’m trying to trust that I will, but DUDE…IT’S A CLIFF.

For what it’s worth, I do trust them. And I do know that I have many, many other stories, other worlds inside of me. I have no doubts that I will write books, weave together other wonderful series’, and you Minions will love them each in different ways. But knowing that doesn’t make it easy to leave behind a world one has shared with her readers for six years.

Side thought: six years? Really? Wow. EIGHTH GRADE BITES came out in August of 2007. Where has the time gone?

Many of you have asked if I will ever address the question raised in TWELFTH GRADE KILLS–the question you all ask about Snow’s eyes. Namely, “Why?”. And I’d like to think that some day, I will answer it for you. I just have to figure out how I can do just that. It’s not as simple as “write a book”, I’m afraid. But I will do what I can to find a way, and if I never get a chance to answer that question for you, Minions, I hope that you will do what you can to find an answer for yourselves.

You see, when I began writing The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, I set out to reach a goal. I wanted to feel a bit better about having been bullied in school, about feeling like such a freak in a world of so-called “normal” people. I accomplished that goal. I wrote great books about a twisted vampire world. But once those stories were printed on pages and glued into a cover, they became your stories. It became your world to explore and enjoy. Since that time, so many of you have created amazing fanfic tales about the characters that I created. And I love that. Please keep going. Because through you, Vlad and Joss live on into eternity. Through you, Henry keeps crackin’ jokes at inappropriate times and Snow keeps being strong. Through you, Eddie Poe keeps being hungry for power, and Cecile keeps Joss’s nights interesting. These books will never cease to exist. Because of you, Minions.

[ALSO EDITED TO ADD: In the comments below, a Minion named Lydia said this: "And also, promise me something: that you would make another series that is written in third person, involves lots of blood, and has little romance. For me. For all of us." To which, I respond: Absolutely, Minion. I'm not changing who I am, and I hope that you won't change who you are. Read whatever comes next, because I can promise you that there will be outcasts, mystery, lots of blood...and a little romance. You have my word.]

So here I stand, on top of a cliff. The boy to my left has a crooked smile and fangs. His black hair is hanging in his eyes. He’s wearing Tripp pants and a black t-shirt with a red vampire smiley on it. There’s a hole in the toe of one of his shoes. The boy to my right is wearing jeans and a t-shirt. His shoulders are drawn back with false confidence, and I can see a strange sorrow lurking in his eyes. He looks like he’d be very popular with the sporty crowd, but something about him tells me he’s not. I know these boys. I love these boys. And more importantly, I trust them both completely.

I hope that you do too. And that you trust me.

Because it’s time for something new.

Minions! ASSEMBLE!!!

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

It’s funny, the things that people never really tell you about being an author, and the things you hear, but don’t really think about. Like how travel and deadlines and day to day stuff will take up all of your blogging time. You think “I’ll blog tomorrow!”, only tomorrow takes a month to come. And before you know it, your Minions are wondering if they should form a search party. But no worries, my Minions! Your Auntie Heather is alive and well. Alive and…well…

I’ve been busy! Not only did I turn in two books (the first draft of THE SLAYER CHRONICLES #2 (title to be announced later) & the second draft of BLOODBOUND), but I was also traveling. I went on an amazing Disney Cruise to the Bahamas with my family, I was in Omaha, Nebraska, spreading the word about why bullying sucks, and then I was at San Diego Comic Con, handing out advanced copies of FIRST KILL.

A brief detour so I can SQUEE about SDCC. In short, I met tons of awesome Minions (which was the absolute best part of SDCC), spoke with Jhonen Vasquez (of JTHM fame) again, met Nick, Zak & Aaron of Ghost Adventures fame, and nearly ran into Gerard Way…AGAIN. Plus, I went to the Lucasfilms party and Stan Lee himself brushed right by me…and Christopher Moore stopped by to say hi to me at the Mysterious Galaxy booth! My geeky little heart was very pleased. I can’t wait to go back! Neither can Gargy. He dressed up like a Jedi the whole time….which made him very popular at the Lucasfilms party.

So I’ve been busy. With books. With travel. With life. Oooooh, and I should know where I’ll be touring this fall very soon! Actually, I kinda already know. I just can’t tell you yet. The moment I can, I’ll post it on my Appearances page. And we can be busy together!

You know I’m never too busy to think about my Minions. And I have something FANGtastic for you all!

How would you like to be one of my Master Minions???

That’s right! So many of you have mentioned rank in the Minion Horde. Well, here’s your chance.

On August 2nd (running through August 9th), which is TODAY, I’m launching Heather Brewer’s Master Minion campaign!!!

As it says on
Sign up to be one of Heather Brewer’s Master Minions!
Get exclusive access and early sneak peaks plus a Minion Kit to help you talk up
The Slayer Chronicles to your friends!
Visit for official rules and how to join.

Spread the word and sign up FAST, because this isn’t going to last and the free stuff you’ll get is AMAZING! I’m so geeked. What do you guys think??

Auntie Heather’s Writing Lair

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Most authors have a special place that they go, Minions, when they are in writing mode, when they are driven to create. Many writers refer to this place as their “writer’s cave”. My special place, my office, my sanctuary, is affectionately referred to as my “writer’s lair”, thanks to the fangtastic Melissa DeLaCruz, of Blue Bloods fame. And today I’m going to give you a little glimpse of it, just so you’ll know the kinds of things that surround me as I pound out manuscripts or blog or tweet (oh man, do I tweet…). Please forgive the relatively crappy images, as I took them with my iPhone, and the iPhone hates pretty, clear pictures.

We will start with the door to my lair.

Not bad, eh? looks normal enough. Just double doors. Plain. Boring. So…normal, right? But when we open them…

PA-CHOW!!! The spookiness begins! This is the view from my open doors, followed by a closer view.

Yeah. I have some skeery stuff in my office. Creepy bodiless hands coming out of the wall, a human skull, a monkey like the one from Monkey Shines. It’s cozy, right? And if we begin to turn to the right, we see this:

That’s the corner of my coffin couch (which is glorious, and yes, made from an actual coffin). My husband often teases that he plans to bring along a mirror just to check on me during nap time. Turning again to the right (we’re spinning – are you dizzy??)…

…we see my favorite corner, where I’ve placed my asylum window, my baby doll (I cannot tell you her name – it may disturb some of you), and antique baby shoes. And right again to the door from the inside.

The dolls on the bottom right, I refer to as my “Creepy Children”, because when I open the office door, they stare at me through the glass with their haunting button eyes. *sigh* I love them so… If you keep turning right, you’ll see a second set of doors that lead to my dining room.

And right from there brings you back to my bookcase, which has a distinct lack of books. (The books are all in the reading room in the upstairs loft) But it does contain some of my most precious belongings. I’ll give you a top to bottom shelf by shelf view.

Not too shabby, right? It’s nice here. I like it. Whenever I enter my lair, I feel at home. To some, it’s creepy. To me, it’s beautiful. And you should be your own kind of beautiful, Minions, no matter what people say.

So…the only thing I haven’t done is hang up curtains. Mostly because I’m torn between curtains and black wooden blinds. Once I make up my mind, my lair will be complete. Yay lair!

As far as “what’s new in the world of Auntie Heather”, I’m currently wrapping up writing the second book in The Slayer Chronicles. I know the title, but you don’t. (neener neener neener) No worries! I’ll tell you soon…ish. Also, I’m finishing up the last few edits for Bloodbound, which is so good it makes my brain all explodey. I can’t really describe it…mostly because I have no idea how. Seriously! The description on my website doesn’t even do it justice. I just want to live in that world forever. And I hope you’ll join me for at least a few hours. I promise it’ll be worth the ride. (Or it won’t, and you’ll hate me forever…but I’m betting on that first one)

On Monday, I head out on a Disney cruise (woooooo, Mickey!!!), so I’ll be offline from July 4th til the 11th, but I’m thinking that I should arrange an Ask Auntie Heather chat on the forum soon. What do you guys think? I can set aside an hour or two and we can just talk…y’know? It sounds like fun to me, and I think it’ll breathe new life into the forum. If you don’t hang out on the forum, please do! It’s a fangtastic Minion hangout and I want you guys to treat it as your own.

One last thing before I go. How many of you have or have access to an iPod, iPod Touch, or iPad? Go grab it. Right now. It’s okay…I can wait.

*hold music plays while you grab your technology*

Got it? Sweet. I’ve got the fire extinguisher ready, because I know how you Minions burst into flames when you get excited. Ready?

Go download this right now, because Minions – WE HAVE AN APP!!!

It’s only 99 cents, and it’s a FANGtastic game that’s kinda like PacMan, but with Fang! You can eat bloodbags for invincibility and killing slayers gifts you with their tiny lil screams. (Mwahahahahaha!!!) It’s sooooo much fun. I am seriously, totally addicted. So go. Now. Grab that app and tell the rest of the Horde (and non-Minions! Or should I say “soon-to-be-Minions”?). Because this thing is too fun!

Can you tell I like it?

Okay, so in my brief absence, I’m leaving you all in charge. I DO NOT want to come back to the world in ruins and zombies on the rampage AGAIN, Minions! *gives you all the Mom look* So behave. Be nice. And SOMEBODY feed the thing under my bed.

A brief update on our World Domination goals

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Greetings, Minion Horde! Now, as you all know (or should know), Auntie Heather is plotting to take over the world (with the assistance of my Minions, of course). And I’m pleased to say that we are making some amazing progress so far.

To date, here are the countries that we have taken over with our powers of awesomeness:

United States
United Kingdom

Not too shabby, Minions! If you’re from any of the listed countries, please watch the shelves for Vlad, and feel free to bug booksellers and librarians about when the books will be headed your way.

And now you crazy Minions have ID cards!!! Go check ‘em out. Print them, laminate them, bring them to events so I can sign them. They are yours, Minions – so show the world you’re a Minion!

More reasons to celebrate: the first book of The Slayer Chronicles is going to copy edits! For all intensive purposes, this means that the book is finished, apart from a few minor tweaks. The other day I saw the cover and it is GORGEOUS. It’s kick-butt enough for you guys, and swoon-worthy enough for your girls (or vice-versa: Auntie doesn’t judge). A cover reveal and a title reveal will be coming soon!

Also, a word on the plush Auntie Heather winner. I’m not telling them that they won. I’m merely whisking her off in her tiny coffin to surprise the winner. Today. But I was very impressed by all of your entries.

And…I’m kinda in the mood for a……


Comment to enter (doesn’t matter how much you comment – you’re only entered once). Winner gets something awesome. Suggestions?

Seriously? *raises a sharp eyebrow at self*

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

I haven’t blogged in WEEKS?? As Nelly would say, “OH MY GLOB!” That is inexcusable, Minions. Bad Auntie Heather. BAD!

Okay, so let’s catch you all up on my life. Touring was amazing. So many Minions! And so many more emails, requesting (and at times, demanding) that I visit your fair city. And I wish I could! But if I traveled all the time…when would I write books? So believe me, Minions, I would visit you all if I could, but for now we’ll just have to hope your hometown (or a town near it) ends up on my touring schedule.

The last few weeks have been devoured by an insane writing schedule for….(drum roll, please)…BEGINNING, the first book in The Slayer Chronicles! I finished the book and turned it in to my editor, and I’m now once again hard at work on the first BLOODBOUND book. So my days have been full of writing and traveling…and not much sleeping.

Recently, we had a tragedy in our family. One of the two kittens we adopted passed away, and I just wanted to thank you Minions who sent messages on Facebook and Twitter and such. it means a lot to me to know you care. Spike was a sweet kitty and I miss him still. I think I always will. But his brother, Fang, is doing very well. He spends his time stomping on Amenti’s tail and purring so loudly, you have to turn the volume up on the TV. He misses his brother, but at least he’s in a family that loves him very much.

I’m mulling over an idea for a contest right now. Any thoughts? The prize I have is EPIC and one of a kind. Also, I’m thinking of creating a few short stories about the Goths to share with you on my blog. We shall see.

Also, I seem to be obsessed with peanut brittle lately.

So…catch me up! What have I missed, Minions?

By the way…if you haven’t seen THIS yet, I suggest you rectify that immediately. (Yes! It’s true! We have a Vlad STORE!!!)



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